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About Me

“I want to be part of a movement that builds bridges and not walls.”

~Rev. Dr. Sarai Rivera)

It is my hope to continue to explore the connection between spirituality and social activism. What I create reflects my outlook on the world, my philosophy and my faith. I cannot separate them from my work because unconsciously they show themselves. I will continue to embrace activist strategies and do the work that keeps me up at night. Also, join and participate in artist collectives that are interested in making a difference in the world by helping those who cannot help themselves.

As an educator, I continue to encourage my students to practice self-expression, think for themselves, be passionate about what they’re doing, be proactive in their communities and above all be human.  This will help them to better navigate in the world today.


I was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1960. I work predominantly in the medium of graphite pencil, but also work in painting, installation, theater and poetry. I have been teaching 39 years to various groups which include K-12, At-Risk Youth, Adults, Seniors and the Developmentally Disabled. I completed my BA in Art at Findlay University in Findlay, Ohio in 1982. I received my MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2017. I have participated in solo and group exhibitions in the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast. My work is in both public and private collections. I live and work in Toledo, Ohio.

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